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Patio/Bistro Lights


These lights feature a series of small, round or oval-shaped bulbs attached to a string or wire that can be hung above patios, decks, or other outdoor areas. They are often referred to as “string lights” or “fairy lights.” Patio or bistro lights come in a variety of colors and styles, including traditional incandescent bulbs and energy-efficient LED bulbs.


Vintage Café Polycarbonate S14 LED Warm White Bulb

It is commonly used for decorative and functional lighting in indoor and outdoor spaces. The bulbs are designed with a clear polycarbonate cover that mimics the look of vintage glass, while providing shatter-resistant and weather-resistant properties. The S14 LED Warm White Bulb is similar to a traditional incandescent bulb, but with energy-efficient LED technology. These bulbs emit a warm white light, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a space.


Crafting A Unique Design

Our team will take your ideas and turn them into reality by designing and assembling the lights and features you want. Whether it's your roofline, ridgeline, gutters, trees, shrubs, lawn, or other features of your home or business, we have the lights and the equipment to install them safely and without damaging your property in the process. Once we have our design, we will come to your property and install the lights.


Worry-Free Installation

Our professional team of installers will outfit your home or business with the lights with clips and fasteners that do not damage your home, trees, or anything else they attach to. We have the equipment and safety gear to ensure safe installation no matter where it is.



Because you lease the lights from us, we cover any maintenance or repairs to the lights at no cost to you. If there are any decorations that come out of place or stop working, we will repair the problem. In the future, if any lights break during or between seasons, those decorations will also be replaced free of charge!


Light Takedown & Free Storage

After the season ends and you're done enjoying the lights, we'll remove them and store them for you for next year for quicker installation! Our lights are often cut to length, meaning they are custom fit to your home. Storing them for you for next season means you can get them up and sparkling even faster, meaning you can enjoy them for longer!

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